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The SquareONE alto flute

Designed in 2005, the SquareONE Alto flute is a very special addition to the Lopatin family of SquareONE flutes. It is another example of the detailed attention and craftsmanship available from our company.

As Catherine Thompson, the Editor of the American Flute Guild was kind enough to write... "The tone is even, full of color with no 'covered' or 'muffled' tone quality often experienced with many altos. The responsive head joint performed easily and the overall experience was of playing a flute...not an alto that presented any limitations. Worth the price for a person wanting or needing a true artist quality alto...The results of Lopatin's new direction are fantastic and inspiring, and impressive!"

SquareONE Alto Pricing:

Sterling silver alto flute,
only available in SquareONE model
with square tone holes, a  C foot joint  and all sterling head joint $16,750*

Alto head joints also may be commissioned with a stainless steel embouchure for an addition $550.00.

*SquareONE prices include an extra set of pads





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