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Our SquareONE Semi-Pro model offers the great SquareONE sound at an affordable price. With both body and keywork in sterling silver, this handcrafted medium-wall (.016”), soldered tone hole flute has a standardized number of the most popular options, such as open holes, a C# trill key, and a B-foot with gizmo. A-442 is the only available pitch, and it is made to the Lopatin Scale. There is a choice of either inline or offset G keys. Available options at an additional price are a split-e mechanism (available only on offset G flutes), or a lower g insert. The SP features a simpler key-work design and stainless steel springs, with Y arms being standard rather than the very labor-intensive pointed arms.

Whether a Professional or Semi-Professional model, all SquareONE flutes are guaranteed to be free from manufacturing defects for up to one year after purchase. Our SquareONE instruments come with a second set of pads, a swab stick, a hard shell Northwind case and a soft Cavallaro case cover, standard.

Pricing on the standard SP model (either in-line or offset G keys), with sterling silver head joint: $8,000.00

Options available:

Split E Mechanism – add $875.00 (available only on offset G models)

High E Facilitator (lower g insert) – add $85.00

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: As a result of a survey of our Facebook flute friends, we had questions which we (mostly) hope to answer here. If you don't find the answer to YOUR question, please feel free to ask it. We welcome your questions, comments and suggestions.

Q: What (besides the price!) will make your Semi-Professional (SP) model different from your professional-level SquareONE?

A: Our top professional models are offered with a wide range of options to ensure that your customized flute is built exactly the way you want it. Choose light-, medium- or heavy-wall sterling silver, 14K rose-gold, and even platinum tubing; choose plateau vs. open hole, inline or offset G keys; 440, 442 or 444 pitch; a “stripped down” version or one loaded with extra features—you get to choose exactly the combination of features you want and need. Of course, pointed arm detail work is featured on our professional model, as are white gold springs, and the tone holes are applied with gold-germanium solder. Our SP model has a simpler keywork design with Y arms and stainless steel springs rather than white gold, and tone holes are soldered utilizing a tin/silver solder which is far stronger and more corrosion resistant than the tin/lead solder often used on flutes at this price level.

Q: How will it compare with other companiesʼ intermediate flutes?

A: Most intermediate-level flutes have plated keywork and drawn tone holes, but our SquareONE SP is all sterling silver throughout with soldered tone holes, just like our top Pro model. The soldered tone holes allow for a good amount of undercutting which give the flutes more flexibility and richness of tone.

Q: Are you going to be offering a student model or step-up SquareONE flute?

A: Not at this time. The student flute market depends on a huge volume of sales to make it profitable, and until there's a good demand for an under $2,000 SquareONE, it's simply not a practical concept. There is no particular cost savings in labor for plated bodies or keywork, but there's a huge loss in quality. On a plated flute, once the plating starts to wear off, or if a part is broken, there's no easy way to repair it back up to its original condition. The Lopatin Flute Company does not want to make a disposable flute!

Q: Why don't you just market an intermediate round-holed flute? Wouldn't that be easier to make?

A: It would be easier to make, but it wouldn't have that great SquareONE clarity of tone and balance between the high and low notes. The extra venting in the lower notes really does make a difference. Also, the intermediate round-hole market is quite well populated; another is not needed.

Q: Is it true you're no longer making round-holed flutes at all?

A: We are no longer making round-holed flutes for display purposes. If someone absolutely wants a professional model Lopatin flute with round holes, we'll be happy to accommodate them.


Lopatin Flute Company Guarantee: Materials and workmanship on all Lopatin flutes and headjoints are guaranteed for one year, but does not include repair work due to normal wear, accidental damage or misuse.

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