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On our News, Views & FAQs page, we offer you news on our company - what we have in the works and other useful information.

Frequently asked questions will acquaint you with the most often-asked questions we get at flute conventions. And, from time to time, I'll share my thoughts on things flute-related in our "From the President's Desk" page.

In addition, we have several articles that I have written over the past few years: One is a discussion of how the Lopatin Scale was created, two are on practice techniques and one is on why a square-tone hole flute (the SquareONE) sounds the way it does (fantastic!)

So, welcome and I hope you will check back peridiocally to see what's new at Lopatin Flutes!

Frequently Asked Questions
From the President's Desk

  • Developing the SquareONE Flute,
    first published June, 2007 in Pan, the journal of the British Flute Society

  • A Discussion of Scale Design

  • Practice Notes

  • Practice Notes: the Sequel

  • Discussion of the Square Tone Hole Flute
  • What's New at Lopatin Flutes

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