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  • Lopatin Flute Company announces: The SquareONE Alto flute

          The SquareONE alto flute is here! As with many new products, the making of this remarkable new instrument took quite a bit longer than originally anticipated. The result was worth waiting for. The clarity and strength of this flute is beyond compare. It features the unique look of the square toneholes and keywork, and the ergonomic feel that comes from Leonard Lopatin's experience as a professional flutist.

  • Stainless steel head joints!

          The Lopatin Flute Company has begun producing all-stainless steel head joints. In 2004, we began offering sterling silver head joints with stainless steel embouchures. These respond with remarkable ease and security, yet produce a dark tone which is one might expect from a head joint with a great deal more resistance. Now the selection of materials has expanded to include all-stainless steel head joints. They are simply unexcelled in terms of responsiveness, and dynamic range. So much sound, and yet so lightweight!

  • Lopatin Flute Company has a new head joint stopper design:

          Instead of the traditional cork, the new design uses teflon. Teflon is chemically inert and it does not absorb moisture. It will never dry out and have to be replaced because of shrinkage or hardening. The new design is different in another way, too. It is hollow, and the top of the stopper is left open. This creates a resonance chamber all the way from the face plate of the stopper to the bottom of the crown.

          The result is greater responsiveness and resonance, as well as improved consistency of tone quality, which is particularly noticeable when going across register breaks.

          At present, this new stopper is only available on Lopatin head joints, but if it proves feasible, stopper replacements might be offered to owners of head joints from other makers.

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